The Call of Dance
The Call of Dance
1h 20m 41sDocumentary, Music, Danse


The Call of dance is a documentary series dedicated to dances around the world by Diane Fardoun, contemporary dancer and director. Its first chapter takes place in Senegal, where traditional dances are perpetuated with pride and rub shoulders with urban dances carried by a creative and assertive youth. In an increasingly open and connected world, wrestling and ritual dances inspire krump, capoeira and all the other movements closely followed in the image and guided by the musical compositions of Bordeaux producer Julien Villa. From the effervescence of Dakar to the tranquility of the Sine-Saloum delta, via the shores of the sublime Lac Rose, the film takes us on a meditative journey, immersing us in a universe of dance, music, conviviality and spirituality, to meet the human being and the forces that set him in motion.
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