21m 7sDrama
Subscribe to watch 🍿 Two contemporary dancers take viewers on a poetic journey as they show us what life is like being a disabled dancer in a harsh, urban landscape. Confronting the stigma they face in Ghana, Afriyie and Alfred take us on an uplifting voyage into the spirit world and show how dance sets them free from their restrictions. In a tale of friendship between Afriyie and Alfred and a tale of love between a mother and daughter, Spirits We Dance takes viewers into an imaginative and surreal mindscape. A world sublime and yet childlike in its beauty, it is created by the characters to escape the pain of reality. Connecting with their spiritual side when they dance, the dancers are free from the restrictions their bodies and society impose. Challenging the idea that spirits are evil and menacing, two dancers find freedom when they leave reality behind and connect with the spirits of dance. - Official Selection of OAFF festival 3rd edition Only use your 💻
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